Getting Rid Of Pests is a Pain.. Why Not Make It Fun?

Taking care of your crops is hard enough. You have pesticides, feed, and countless other things. What makes it worse is when you get animals coming in and wrecking everything. Typical pesticides may not work in this case ¬†You can always make it more fun though. That’s why I picked out a bow and started using that to solve me problems!

I looked through a lot of longbow comparison sites out there to pick out the one that I wanted. Once I got that, it was time to start practicing. To practice I picked up a few archery target sheets and just put them on some hay. At that point it was just repetition until I started to get halfway decent. Don’t get me wrong – it took a lot to get my accuracy. Aiming with a bow is harder than you would think.

It takes a lot of patience and concentration. If you are lacking these, then you really have your work cut out for you. If you get can this down that it can turn a tedious process into something that might be fun for you. If nothing else, grab some friends and start up an archery party! It may just add some fun back into work and give you a new activity to try in those rare times that you aren’t bogged down with all the work that is required to run a farm.

Next game steps? Moving while shooting. Get yourself on one of our tractors and take aim when riding. Make sure you are safe, but this could add some more challenge to your new hobby.